A roller coaster is a theme park attraction that consists of a track, that has a pre-designed course, and a train that runs on the track. The track is typically wooden or steel and may contain inversions that flip the train upside-down.

Laws for which Roller Coasters followEdit

Seven out of eight should be followed..

1. must use wheels to ride on 1 or more rails through out most of the ride.

2. Track should be made out of material, such as steel or wood.

3. Majority of track must be stationary.

4. Majority of the ride should rely on gravity to make it through the course.

5. must have noticable changes in speeds through out the ride.

6. track layout can not be completely circular.

7. must have noticable changes in elevations.

8. must not use free-fall as the sole focuse of the ride.

laws of roller coasters and text, are based off that of CoasterPedia.