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Roller Coaster Custom Wiki is a website dedicated to the sharing and creating of imaginary theme parks and roller coasters. Anyone can edit, here, so feel free to participate! You can share your RollerCoaster Tycoon parks, NoLimits creations, K'nex roller cnuasters, or even concept arts! If you would like help with editing, you can send the administrator a message on his talk page, or check out this helpful page. And make sure to read the Terms Of Use before you add any of your Coasters or you edit! If you think you have a record breaking coaster, check out the Offical Records and see if you do!

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Kata89 is an admin and a bureaucrat of this wiki. He is the creator of Bullit Comix and every coaster/park within that. This user also has uploaded ample coasters, and plans to add the plenty other coasters he has made. He uses K'Nex and RollerCoaster Tycoon 3. This user also loves to ride coasters, and is admin at KTC-RPG Wiki, and is an active user at Coasterpedia!

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Death Mountain New

Death Mountain is Bullit Park's biggest endeavor. Reaching more than 2 billion dollars at value, this coaster is worth the line time!


The ride consists of two 'mountains'. Each of the mountains have elements, turns, and drops! The ri...

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