Happy Flags Wild Wood


Jamestown, Virginia




HSBC, managed by Happy Flags

Happy Flags Wild Wood is a theme park near Jamestown, Virginia, USA. It features many rides, including 7 roller coasters.


Happy Flags Wild Wood originally opened as simply Wild Wood in 2000, a family theme park that only featued flat rides. In 2002 or so, Mouse Towers and Buzz Saw, 2 roller coasters, opened. Wild Wood was put up for sale in 2003/2004, and Happy Flags and HSBC bidded for it. HSBC won and the park reopened as HSBC Wild Wood. No changes were made, but the adjecent Wild Wood Pool was purchased by the city council. Also, Tiger Island, an animal viewing gallery, was added in 2004.

Happy Flags got ahold of the park as the managers in 2005, and the park was renamed Happy Flags Wild Wood, becoming the 2nd park in the chain. It was the 1st park to be purchased by them.

An expansion came which added the Kidland area, a generic themed section as Happy Flags did not yet have permission from the actual owners to use their normal My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic themeing.

In 2006 came 3 roller coasters, Invertigo, Lazer, and Lazer Jr.

In 2007 Wild Wood announced the world's first enclosed Vekoma Boomerang. These plans were canceled later however it opened in 2008 eventually as Boomerang: Coast to Coaster, non-enclosed.

In 2009, Wild Wood announced that a new kids area would be added in 2010. Then, a couple days later, Wild Wood officially announced DreamWorks Adventure, a re-tooling of Kidland. Also announced in 2010 was a new Friendship is Magic section.

In 2011, Wild Wood opened Mardi Gras, a section themed around the annual Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans. It features the Ragin' Cajun spinning roller coaster. Mouse Towers was rethemed to Muskrat Scrambler. Tiger Island closed permanently on June 5, 2011.

As of March 10, 2012, construction has yet to begin on both Dreamworks Adventure and Friendship World,the Friendship is Magic-themed section.

Roller coastersEdit

Test Track Driving School - Wooden wild mouse built by Custom Coasters International.
Buzz Saw 2: Face The Enemy - Launched roller coaster by Premier Rides with a barrel roll and a rollback "incident" themed as if the car was shot. Located in Western
Pinkie Pie's Pandemonium - Gerstlauer Spinning Coaster.
Blackbeard: Raceship Pirate - A Euro-Fighter.
Kowalski's Bullet Shoot - Vekoma Junior Coaster (207m). Located in the Dreamworks Adventure area.
Boomerang: Coast to Coaster - A Vekoma Boomerang.
Rainbow Dash's Mine Train - Zamperla powered kiddie coaster. Located in the Friendship Seaport section.
The Chiller - Dueling LIM launched coaster by Premier Rides. Relocated from Six Flags Great Adventure.
Unknown - Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop


Lazer - B&M stand-up coaster, with 5 inversions
Invertigo - Vekoma Invertigo (removed to make room for Pinkie Pie's Pandemonium.
Muskrat Scrambler - Removed to make room for Test Track Driving School.