Sapphire Lake


Steel-Giga Coaster


320 feet

Max Speed






Estrella (spanish for star) is a Steel Giga Roller Coaster. It is located in the "Martian Madness" area of Sapphire Lake. It is one of Sapphire Lake's Fearsome Five and is the park's centerpiece roller coaster.


Estrella was constructed in the Sapphire Lake's fifth year, but its openining was delayed a year due to problems with extreme lateral and vertical g-forces. It was finally opened in Year 6, and quickly became a park favorite. Out of every coaster at the park, it has had the most riders and is the favorite ride of the most guests.


In September of Year 7, Astro crashed unexpectedly when its stations brakes failed and two trains collided, killing 8 people. While Astro was being fixed and refubrished, Estrella's trains collided when its station brakes failed, this time killing 22 people. This threw the park into panic mode, and 10 of its 14 coasters were closed. The only coasters remaining open were Dark Tempest, Paradise Plunge, Space Shuttle, and Turbulant Twister. The closed roller coasters were changed to running in block sectioned mode and featured a station for the entrance and one for the exit. Some coasters that had been closed, such as Forest Flyer did not start running in this mode, but were closed just to be safe. Estrella recieved a resdesigned queue line and exit line, and was reopened with the rest of the park's closed coasters by March of Year 8.

Park StandingsEdit

As of September Year 9, Estrella is the second-most visited coaster at the park, having serviced 11,902 guests. It is the most favorite coaster at the park, with 1,602 guests considering it their favorite ride.


Tallest Height: 320 feet

Tallest Drop: 311 feet

Number of Drops: 9

Duration: 1:37

Total Air Time: 9.45 seconds

Inversions: 0

Max Speed: 103mph

Total length: 7389

Excitement Rating: 9.66

Intensity Rating: 8.00

Nausea Rating: 4.92

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