Dark Tempest
Dark Tempest Black


Sapphire Lake


Wooden-Racing Coaster


105 feet

Max Speed






Dark Tempest is a Wooden Racing Roller Coaster. It is located in the "Beautiful Beach" area of Sapphire Lake. It is one of Sapphire Lake's Fearsome Five.


Dark Tempest was constructed in the Sapphire Lake's fifth year. It consists of two side-by-side identical roller coasters, Red Inferno and Blue Lightning. Although the chances of winning on either coaster are the same, Blue Lightning is much more popular and attracts a queue of around 57 guests. Both coasters break down often, however, and have a mechanic on-site at all times.

Park StandingsEdit

As of September Year 9, Blue Lightning is the most ridden coaster at the park, with 17,385 rides. It is the tenth favorite coaster at the park, with 26 guests considering it their favorite. Red Inferno is the 6th most ridden coaster, with 8,910 rides. It is the thrid most favorite coaster in the park, with 89 guests considering it their favorite. If its standings are added together, Dark Tempest would be ranked as the park's most visited coaster with 26,295 rides and the third favorite coaster, with 115 guests calling it their favorite.


Tallest Height: 105 feet

Tallest Drop: 101 feet

Number of Drops: 5

Duration: 1:30

Total Air Time: 1.68 seconds

Inversions: 0

Max Speed: 59mph

Total length: 2654 ft.

Excitement Rating: 7.03

Intensity Rating: 7.90

Nausea Rating: 4.63

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