Bullit Park


195 acres

park value



April 1st, 2003

Bullit Park is located in Ohio, USA.


Bullit Park was being built starting at 2001-late 2003. It since then contains 8 Roller Coasters, and a whole lot of thrill rides and gentle rides.

Atlantis CityEdit

Atlantis city is the water park located in Bullit Park. It has 1 Roller Coaster, Guina, but, it has body slides, pools, river rapids and more!

Bullit ComixEdit

Bullit Comix is an old comic company, that started expanding to owning there own TV station, then to selling merchendise, and they started a theme park that was based on their famous shows and comics and other peoples franchise. That park is Wonder Mountain

The list below is in order of which they were built.

Roller Coasters
Death Mountain Under Construction
Beedle Open
Flyer Open
Matahorn Open
Lord Da Ka Open
Death Mountain Jr. Open
Sleigher Open
Guina Open
Free Fall: Express to Death Open